29 Best Amazon PPC Software With Updated Prices

Best Amazon PPC Software

Navigating the vast ecosystem of Amazon selling can be a daunting endeavour. With the ever-evolving marketplace dynamics and increased competition, having the right set of tools to help streamline your operations, drive sales, and optimise profits is more crucial than ever. To help you with this, we have carefully curated a list of the 29 best Amazon PPC software for 2023.

These software solutions range from AI-powered PPC automation to sophisticated business intelligence platforms, and they are all designed with one goal in mind: empowering you, the Amazon seller, to maximise your business potential. Whether you’re a beginner Amazon seller or already established in managing a portfolio of products, these tools offer invaluable insights to keep you ahead of the pack.

#1. Best Amazon PPC Software – Scale Insights

Scale Insights
Image Credit: Scale Insights
Contact:training@scaleinsights.com (email)
Price:Try for free for 30 days (no credit card necessary), plans range from $78 to $688 per month. Bespoke plans are also available, accommodating up to 2,000 automated ASINs
Key Features: Maintain full autonomy over your automation process whilst proficiently managing your strategic approach.
Tap into unexplored possibilities and swiftly address losses through our advanced ad intelligence capabilities.
Easily integrate with other vital Amazon seller tools to streamline your operations.
Benefit from comprehensive analytics that tracks profits pinpoint trends and clarify the influence of promotions and ads on organic sales.
Enhance profitability via constant automation, akin to having a devoted team overseeing your Amazon PPC campaigns.
Enjoy the flexibility to confidently automate, scale and scrutinise sales data from your PPC campaigns.
Utilise AI-assisted technology to swiftly establish multiple campaigns within minutes.
Our intelligent keyword algorithm identifies high-performing keywords, elevates bids on underperforming keywords with strong historical results, and pauses ads based on conversion rates.

A standout tool in Amazon PPC automation, Scale Insights is perfectly engineered for Amazon FBA vendors who are prepared to scale up their enterprises. This tool is created by seasoned Amazon FBA business owners whose revenue exceeds eight figures and encapsulates their exclusive experiences and knowledge. Its avant-garde Scale-matic Tech advances the capabilities of AI automation. 

Scale Insights offers an unrivalled level of control over ad expenditure, optimising your campaigns with detailed automation and active real-time bidding to ensure the best possible return on investment. The software intelligently recognises high-performing keywords and offers deep insight into the interconnection of organic sales, PPC, and promotional operations. 

With regular updates on key business metrics such as sales, profits, ad expenses, ROI, and profit margins, you have all the necessary information to make strategic decisions to fuel your business growth.

#2. Helium 10

Helium 10
Image Credit: Helium 10
Contact:Visit their website
Price:$29 – $349 per month
Key Features:Amazon PPC management
Keyword tracker
Product research and listing optimisation
Competitor analysis

A highly robust Amazon PPC software, Helium 10 offers many features, including managing Amazon PPC campaigns. With the ADS tool, you can streamline your advertising strategy, manage bids, monitor keywords, and curtail redundant ad spend. Offering a comprehensive solution for vendors aiming to scale their Amazon business, Helium 10 is a reliable and powerful tool to have in your arsenal.

#3. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout
Image Credit: Jungle Scout
Price:$29 – $84 per month.
Key Features:Comprehensive keyword analytics
Competitor spying
Listing optimisation
PPC campaign management

Jungle Scout shines as a product research tool, assisting Amazon sellers in discovering profitable products, gaining insights into competitors, and improving product listings. Beyond these features, the platform offers a simplified PPC management system that enhances your Amazon advertising journey—Employ Jungle Scout’s extensive keyword analytics to reveal concealed keywords and drive increased traffic to your listings. The tool is instrumental in tracking your campaigns, optimising your ads, and allowing you to make informed, data-driven decisions for maximising your ROI.

#4. DataHawk

Image Credit: DataHawk
Contact:Visit their website.
Price:Billed annually. Contact them for customised pricing.
Key Features:Keyword research and tracking
Advertising analytics
Product research and optimisation
SEO analytics

DataHawk provides Amazon vendors with a dynamic analytics and optimisation platform. Utilising cutting-edge technology, DataHawk aids sellers in product research, SEO and PPC advertising. The platform delivers detailed data on keywords and advertisements, enabling you to make educated decisions to boost sales and profitability. With a focus on effectively optimising your PPC campaigns, DataHawk is a valuable tool for improving your advertising strategies.

#5. SellerApp

Image Credit: SellerApp
Price:Free – $49 per month. Contact them for customised pricing. 
Key Features:PPC analyser and optimiser
Keyword research tool
Product research and listing optimisation
Competitor tracking

SellerApp is a comprehensive toolbox for Amazon sellers, equipped to optimise product listings, manage advertising initiatives, and interpret business metrics. Its unique PPC analyser recommends campaign keywords, distinguishes between profitable and unprofitable keywords, and presents campaign optimisation strategies. This software is a worthy investment for sellers aiming to reduce their ACoS and amplify their profitability.

#6. ChannelAdvisor

Image Credit: ChannelAdvisor
Contact:Visit their website.
Price:Contact them for customised pricing.
Key Features:Management of various Amazon advertising types
Advanced bidding algorithms
Global e-commerce solutions

ChannelAdvisor is a suite of cloud-based e-commerce solutions that helps retailers and manufacturers to escalate their global sales. Its Amazon Advertising solution allows you to easily manage Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Product Display Ads. By harnessing the power of ChannelAdvisor’s sophisticated bidding algorithms, you can optimise your advertising efforts, maximise your ROI, and elevate your Amazon sales.

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#7. QuantifyNinja

Image Credit: QuantifyNinja
Contact:Visit their website
Price:$39 – $55 per month
Key Features:Comprehensive business analytics
PPC advertising dashboard
Automated email follow-ups
Profit and loss tracking

QuantifyNinja is an encompassing tool for Amazon sellers, offering vital services such as business analytics, automated emails, and PPC management. The advertising dashboard gives you a detailed view of your PPC campaigns, allowing you to keep track of ad spend and generated sales. QuantifyNinja supports you in enhancing your Amazon advertising campaigns and maximising your ROI.

#8. Shopkeeper

Image Credit: Shopkeeper
Price:$20 – $20 per month. Contact them for customised pricing.
Key Features:Profit calculation
Inventory tracking
Change alerts

Primarily a profit dashboard for Amazon sellers, Shopkeeper calculates profit margins, tracks inventory, and alerts you to significant changes. This platform is advantageous for sellers wishing to monitor their overall business health. However, while it’s a valuable tool for keeping track of profitability and inventory, Shopkeeper does not include features specific to Amazon PPC management. It should be used with other Amazon advertising tools for a more comprehensive approach to managing your Amazon business.

#9. SellerLegend

Image Credit: SellerLegend
Price:$49.99 – $99.99 per month. 
Key Features:Comprehensive business intelligence
Inventory management
Cash flow analysis

SellerLegend is a potent tool that delivers advanced analytics, allowing Amazon sellers to understand the nuances of their business. The platform aids in inventory management, customer insights, financial analytics, and more. Although SellerLegend doesn’t directly manage Amazon PPC, its comprehensive insights can indirectly contribute to optimising your Amazon advertising strategy.

#10. PickFu

Image Credit: PickFu
Price:Free – $299 per month. Contact them for customised pricing.
Key Features:Rapid split testing
Audience targeting
Written feedback from respondents
Flat fee cost
Flexibility to test non-live products
Competitive analysis capability.

The PickFu Amazon PPC software offers a unique advantage to Amazon sellers by providing a platform for rapid audience-based polling. Sellers can test variations of their product listings, designs, and descriptions with a target audience that mirrors their ideal customer demographic. This real-time feedback helps refine and optimise listings, improving visibility and conversion rates.

#11. PPC Entourage

PPC Entourage
Image Credit: PPC Entourage
Contact:Visit their website.
Price:Contact them for customised pricing.
Key Features:PPC management
Bulk editing capabilities
Comprehensive ad analytics
Bid optimisation

PPC Entourage is a comprehensive Amazon PPC management tool built to optimise advertising spend. Its functionalities include bulk edits, detailed analytics, and bid optimisation. With a laser focus on eliminating unproductive ad spend and amplifying profitable campaigns, PPC Entourage is a powerful resource for improving the ROI of your Amazon advertising.

#12. Feedvisor

Image Credit: Feedvisor


Price:Contact them for customised pricing.
Key Features:AI-driven advertising optimisation
Inventory intelligence
Brand and price optimisation
Sales and demand forecasting

Feedvisor is an AI-powered tool that combines intelligence and automation to assist Amazon sellers. It features a platform dedicated to advertising refinement and inventory intelligence, ensuring your PPC campaigns effectively reach potential customers. Its algorithm-based solutions help in improving profitability and gaining a competitive edge.

#13. SellerLabs

Ignite by Seller Labs
Image Credit: SellerLabs
Contact:Visit their website
Price:Contact them for customised pricing.
Key Features:Amazon PPC management
Product review and feedback management
Keyword and product research
Detailed business analytics

SellerLabs provides an all-in-one software solution for Amazon sellers, including a PPC management tool. Their advertising platform, Ignite, helps sellers manage and optimise their Amazon PPC campaigns. It offers suggestions to optimise ad spend, automates tasks to save time, and provides detailed analytics to help you make data-driven decisions.

#14. HelloProfit

Image Credit: HelloProfit
Contact:Visit their website.
Price:Contact them for customised pricing.
Key Features:Detailed business analytics
PPC advertising performance monitoring
Product and merchant research tools
Payout reporting

HelloProfit is a suite of powerful analytics tools for Amazon sellers, providing valuable insights into profits, PPC advertising, conversion rates, and more. While its primary focus is on comprehensive business analytics, it includes a feature for monitoring Amazon PPC ad performance, enabling sellers to make informed decisions and increase profits.

#15. Profitero

Image Credit: Profitero
Contact:Visit their website.
Price:Contact them for customised pricing.
Key Features:E-commerce analytics
Sales and market share insights
Price and promotion analytics
Search optimisation tools

Although not a dedicated Amazon PPC tool, Profitero offers eCommerce analytics for brands selling on various online platforms, including Amazon. Its services include sales and share analysis, price & promotion analytics, and search optimisation tools, which can indirectly aid in formulating effective PPC campaign strategies.

#16. BidX

Image Credit: BidX
Price:Contact them for customised pricing.
Key Features:Amazon PPC management
Rule-based automation
Detailed analytics
Customisable reports

BidX is an Amazon PPC software designed to simplify and optimise Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns. It offers rule-based PPC automation, detailed analytics, and customisable reports. With BidX, you can adjust your keyword bids efficiently to improve campaign performance and reduce wasteful ad spend.

#17. Sellerboard

Image Credit: Sellerboard
Price:$15 – $63 per month
Key Features:Real-time profit tracking
Inventory management
Reimbursement alerts for lost & damaged stock
Alerts when a listing is hijacked
PPC optimisation

Sellerboard is a sophisticated profitability analytics tool for Amazon sellers. It offers real-time profit tracking by accurately calculating Amazon fees, advertising, FBA storage, and shipping and packing costs. Sellerboard also provides additional features like inventory management, money-back reports, and alerts for listing hijacks, providing a comprehensive overview of your business’s financial health.

#18. FeedbackWhiz

Image Credit: FeedbackWhiz
Price:Free – $139.99 per month. 
Key Features:Order and customer data management
Email automation
Product review monitoring
Reputation management

FeedbackWhiz provides a suite of tools designed to enhance the efficiency of Amazon businesses. It offers order management, product review monitoring, and email automation. While it doesn’t directly manage Amazon PPC, these features can indirectly contribute to a more efficient operation of your Amazon business and improve the performance of your advertising efforts.

#19. Salesbacker

Image Credit: Salesbacker
Contact:Visit their website.
Price:Free – $159 per month
Key Features:Email automation
Product review solicitation
Feedback management

Salesbacker focuses on email automation to help Amazon sellers increase product reviews and enhance their seller reputation. Its follow-up email system allows sellers to engage with their customers post-purchase, contributing to improved customer satisfaction and increased product reviews.

#20. Seller Bench

Seller Bench
Image Credit: Seller Bench
Price:Contact them for customised pricing.
Key Features:Amazon reimbursement service
Automated claim filing
Inventory tracking
Damaged and lost inventory management

Seller Bench is a cloud-based tool designed specifically to simplify the Amazon reimbursement process for sellers. It meticulously sifts through your account, uncovering potential reimbursements related to damaged inventory, misplaced products, and incorrectly applied fees. Its primary goal is to help you reclaim all the money that Amazon owes you.

#21. RevenueWize

Image Credit: RevenueWize
Price:$119 – $299 per month
Key Features:Amazon PPC management
Profitability analytics
Bid optimisation
Profitability Finder tool

RevenueWize is a PPC management tool designed to help Amazon sellers enhance their advertising efforts. It offers a dashboard for bid optimisation and profitability analysis and a unique ‘Profitability Finder’ feature. This feature allows sellers to identify opportunities for improving their campaigns and maximising profitability.

#22. Teikametrics

Image Credit: Teikametrics
Price:Free – $499 per month. Contact them for customised pricing.
Key Features:Multi-channel advertising management
AI-powered keyword recommendations
Advanced bidding strategies
Comprehensive analytics

Teikametrics employs an AI-driven platform to assist sellers and agencies in optimising their advertising on Amazon and Walmart. Its Flywheel platform uses machine learning to provide keyword suggestions, bidding strategies, and insightful analytics, aiming to improve advertising performance and boost profitability.

#23. PPC Bee

Image Credit: PPC Bee
Price:Contact them for customised pricing.
Key Features:PPC campaign automation
Support for multiple platforms
Time-saving campaign creation
Detailed reporting

PPC Bee is an Amazon tool designed for e-commerce businesses running product campaigns across various platforms, including Amazon. The tool automates the creation and management of PPC campaigns based on your product data, saving valuable time and resources.

#24. AdBadger

Image Credit: AdBadger
Price:Contact them for customised pricing.
Key Features:Amazon PPC management
Bid optimisation
Negative keyword discovery
Detailed PPC reports

AdBadger is a specialised Amazon PPC tool offering features like bid optimisation, negative keyword discovery, and in-depth reporting. The platform is designed to streamline the operations of sellers by saving time, reducing ad spend, and improving the return on investment of Amazon PPC campaigns.

#25. Sellozo

Image Credit: Sellozo
Contact:Visit their website.
Price:Contact them for customised pricing.
Key Features:Amazon PPC management
Campaign optimisation
Automated bidding
Detailed analytics

Sellozo offers Amazon sellers a suite of tools, including a PPC automation and management tool. The platform’s capabilities to optimise your campaigns, automate keyword bids, and provide detailed analytics contribute to a better understanding your campaign performance and profitability.

#26. AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker
Image Credit: AMZ Tracker
Contact:Visit their website
Price:$50 – $400 per month
Key Features:Keyword tracking
Competitor analysis
Review monitoring
Sales tracking

AMZ Tracker is a comprehensive tool for Amazon sellers, providing functions such as keyword tracking and competitor analysis. Its primary features are its ability to improve product rankings and monitor competitors’ performance.

#27. Kenshoo By Skai

Kenshoo by Skai
Image Credit: Kenshoo
Contact:Visit their website.
Price:Contact them for customised pricing.
Key Features:Comprehensive data analytics for paid search and retail media
Swiftly identifies budget allocation and performance issues
Resolves anomalies and human error before they escalate
Fully customisable to meet the needs of the user
Centralises data across Skai channels, offering a birds eye view

Kenshoo is an enterprise-level marketing solution for advertisers on multiple platforms, including Amazon. Through the integration of automation and insights, Kenshoo Ecommerce aids in the management, optimisation, and scaling of your Amazon advertising campaigns.

#28. Zon.Tools

Image Credit: Zon.Tools
Contact:Visit their website.
Price:$9 – $25 per month
Key Features:Amazon PPC management
Rule-based automation
Keyword harvesting
Bid optimisation

Zon.Tools is an automated PPC management system designed exclusively for Amazon sellers. With features like rule-based campaign management, keyword harvesting, and bid optimisation, it aims to reduce the time spent on campaign management and improve overall campaign performance.

#29. Perpetua

Image Credit: Perpetua
Price:Starts at $250 per month. Contact them for customised pricing.
Key Features:Amazon advertising management
Goal-oriented campaign creation
Bid optimisation
Advanced analytics

Perpetua is an AI-powered platform that optimises sponsored ads on Amazon. It offers features like goal-oriented campaign creation and advanced analytics designed to simplify Amazon advertising and maximise your return on ad spend.

Conclusion About The Best Amazon PPC Software

Our comprehensive list offers various suites of Amazon tools to grow your business. Each software has distinct capabilities — from being fully automated by AI to bid analysis, ensuring your Amazon PPC campaigns remain profitable. Use a combination of either one or more of these tools to maximise your returns on the cutthroat Amazon marketplace like no tomorrow.

Note: For the latest and most recent updates on the above recommendations, refer to their respective website for the most accurate information.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Amazon PPC Software

How Do I Master Amazon PPC?

To master Amazon PPC, you must understand keywords, bidding strategies, and product ad placements. Leveraging a reliable Amazon PPC software tool can assist in optimising campaigns and maximising ROI.

What Should Be My KPIs In Amazon PPC?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Amazon PPC include click-through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), conversion rate, advertising cost of sale (ACoS), and return on ad spend (ROAS). These metrics will help monitor the effectiveness and profitability of your campaigns.

Are Amazon PPC Tools Required?

Whilst not mandatory, Amazon PPC tools can significantly enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your campaigns. They offer automation, detailed analytics, and bid optimisation features, saving time and improving results.

Can I Be An FBA Seller Without Amazon PPC Software?

Yes, you can be an FBA seller without Amazon PPC software but it might require more time and effort. Utilising such tools can provide significant advantages, such as automating your ad campaigns and gaining valuable insights into your performance.

What Features Should I Look For When Choosing Amazon PPC Software?

Key features to consider in Amazon PPC software include automation capabilities, keyword tracking, bid optimisation, in-depth reporting, and ease of use. Selecting a tool that aligns with your specific business goals and budget.

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